Comic 37 - Issue 1 Pg. 22

5th Sep 2011, 9:29 AM in Issue 1
Issue 1 Pg. 22
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Abt_Nihil 5th Sep 2011, 9:29 AM edit delete
And that, ladies (...?) and gentlemen, completes issue 1! Phew, I thought I'd never make it...

I hope this opening chapter has somewhat managed to grab your attention, and I'd love to hear your thoughts about it. Here are some of mine:

Way back in the late 90s I was faced with the prospect of getting a short Batman comic published... in my school's student magazine. (- Don't tell DC! :P) While I had been "working on" (meaning: starting and abandoning) a lot of Batman comics, I thought my first published comic should be about what's essential to Batman. So the comic that resulted didn't feature any of his villains, but rather just a stand-off between him and a thug in an alley. That's quint-essential Batman to me (- one of my favorite episodes is in fact "I Am The Night").

So this first issue of Bombshell is somewhat similar: It's about what Bombshell would usually do. In storytelling terms: You need to establish a status quo before changing it. And I can say that much about the next issues: They're going to be about changing the status quo.

Thanks a lot for reading and commenting!
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Effigy_Power 5th Sep 2011, 11:41 AM edit delete reply
Cleavage on both sides... sideboob... good lighting... green eyes... you can just do it all, can't you?
Clef 5th Sep 2011, 11:49 AM edit delete reply
Okay, THAT was unexpected. Nice job with the plot twist.
man in black 6th Sep 2011, 1:36 AM edit delete reply
man in black
hopefully a successful plan
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